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The Clink Brixton

HMP Brixton, Jebb Ave, London SW2 5XF, UK – 020 8678 9007

Had an amazing time at The Clink Brixton! It was a surprise belated birthday present and I didn’t know where we were going. The food was amazing, service/staff were really attentive and friendly. Would definitely recommend it!

Just got back from The Clink in Brixton. Fantastic experience. Check in staff were helpful and informative. Staff in training were attentive, pleasant and very helpful, good atmosphere. Wish I could name staff. Starter, main course and dessert served. Presentation was excellent and each course left you looking forward to the next (ordered Apple Charlotte twice!!). Very good value for money whilst contributing to an excellent cause and will be going back again and again.

Dragon Castle

100 Walworth Rd, London SE17 1JL, UK – 020 7277 3388

Excellent selection of Cantonese and Chinese cuisine. Fast service and very reasonable prices. Huge serving sizes (one dish is more than one person will finish). Full bar with knowledgeable staff. Well lit open space so great for conversation and gatherings. Not “romantic” in the main dining area. Defiantly a great stop at Elephant & Castle.

Nice local Chinese restaurant. I'm vegan and had a lovely vegan meal. The staff was pleasant and the young lady who served my table was nice. Prices were reasonable. Would definitely visit again or recommend.

A Toca Restaurant

343 Wandsworth Rd, London SW8 2JH, UK – 020 7627 2919

A Portuguese Delight - Coming from an Italian expat! This is a great place to get good fish and meat dishes, with space to eat outside in a non busy street. The staff is wonderful and they are very helpful and create a nice atmosphere. They also do very good home made desserts. Definitely recommended!

A delightful Portuguese restaurant. We really enjoyed our meal here. Even though the place was very busy the service was good and attentive. Great prices and portions too. Will definitely be back.

Best Reviewed Indian Restaurants and Takeaways in Denmark Hill or in Camberwell area

The Cinnamon Club

The Old Westminster Library, Great Smith St, Westminster, London SW1P 3BU, UK – 020 7222 2555

The food here is absolutely delicious, beautifully presented and has vibrant flavours you wouldn't experience anywhere else. I found it hard to imagine Indian fine dining but this is a really creative cuisine well worth the money! Be aware this place is very expensive, certainly to be saved for a treat, and also in a bit of an odd location... The service is excellent, extremely attentive, though not very personal. There's also not much atmosphere here, as there is no music at all, not even background music, and the acoustics mean you can hear pretty much all conversations going on around you. The decor interior is stunning though, with striking bookcases, mirrors and furnishings. It's clear this is an upscale establishment, from the decor, the service, the food and the price. It's pretty spot on, but a little room for improvement from our visit, though well worth a visit!

We had such a lovely time here. We absolutely love Indian cuisine, so we had been looking forward to it since we made the reservation. In an obviously gorgeous area and location, the interior did not disappoint - it was exactly as I had hoped: elegant, tasteful, understated, and the character and charm of an old library. The ambiance was peaceful, the service was calm, and a soft tranquility settled upon you as you entered the room, as though you had been transported to another time. Since we had booked quite far ahead in advance we were unsure how they might prioritize our table location that day, but we were delighted to find that our table was an open corner booth, flanking us with books on either side and providing what I think may be the best view in the space. I was so happy that the book-lined walls were immediately behind our table (rather than a fair distance from the table), so that the deep dusty colours of the spines of the books were the backdrop of our conversation, and all the titles were easily visible from our seats. The service we received was faultless, with an array of different servers attending to us with great detail, care, and warmth, paying close attention to the rhythm of our meal as it progressed so as to never leave us waiting, and yet never hovering or being too present. Each dish we ordered was utterly delicious, with flavours so engaging and complex they somehow made our appetites insatiable despite being quite full by the end. There was live music briefly, which again was tastefully arranged in positioning in the room as well as volume, genre, and duration. As we retrieved our checked items before leaving, we received friendly service right to the end, making for a flawless flow to our entire experience. I would love to return soon to further explore the tantalizing menu, and we highly recommend this place for any meal. But my other enduring curiosity is that I was genuinely wondering if there is any system to the selection of the books in which they bring your bill? It piqued my interest, and I would love to know.

Cafe Ishaq

48 Kennington Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7BL, UK – 020 7928 1365

Took my family to enjoy Indian food for the first time and the staff and food were great! My family enjoyed it and I was happy with their patience and friendly attitude towards us! Would recommend to anyone!

I told the waiter that I'd leave a good advice if I liked the samossas. And indeed, they taste really good! This restaurant is definitely a good one!

The Coriander

332 Kennington Ln, Lambeth, London SE11 5HY, UK – 020 7820 1231

The buffet was the best I have ever had... I will recommend this place to anybody. And also the waiters were very helpful.

Always excellent. Good value. Consistent quality over the past 5 years we have been going there.

Best Reviewed Italian Pasta and Pizza Restaurants

Osteria dell'Angolo

47 Marsham St, Westminster, London SW1P 3DR, UK – 020 3268 1077

Delicious and fine Italian food. Very helpful and friendly staff. Just outside the crowded center.Highly recommended.

Decor is much more stylish than their website photos would suggest. Service attentive and food delicious. Allocation of key ingredients a little mean at the prices charged - a few more scallops, calamari, and pieces of lamb would have made all the difference and still been profitable. No non-alcoholic wines or beers on the menu.

Colosseo Restaurant

79 Victoria St, Westminster, London SW1H 0HW, UK – 020 7222 3871

Nice place close to our hotel. It's small and you may walk right past it, but it's well worth going inside to eat. Food was very good. Not cheap, but typical London prices. Service was good and they treated us well even though we were tourists. The hotel did not include it on it's list of recommendations and we don't know why. I thought Colosseo was better than the hotel's other recommendations.

Great service and location. Prices are reasonable and the staff were so kind. We were a party of three that wandered in about 6:15 on a Tuesday. We were seated right away. One of our party had the seafood pasta. I had the ravioli and both were excellent.

Il Giardino

7 Blenheim Grove, Peckham, London SE15 4QS, UK – 020 7358 9962

The best Italian in London! Amazing selection of wine great personality and the food is perfectly cooked as if you were in Italy for real and given advance warning the chef is quite prepared to make a plethora of other dishes. I will be going there again later this week and again in a couple weeks after that!

Very traditional Italian restaurant. Food was good, wine was good, service wasn't bad either. Would definitely eat here again.

Find the best reviewed Wine Bars and Nightclubs

Adventure Bar

38 Clapham High St, London SW4 7UR, UK – 020 7924 6055

I absolutely love this place! Cocktails are fantastic and happy hour is excellent. Not only that, but my (sober) friend managed to knock over a cocktail and an incredibly helpful staff (Nils?) member appeared immediately with paper towel to help us clean up and replaced the cocktail free of charge. I already loved this place but this solidified it. Will happily be back!

Nice little bar, good environment. There’s a good range of drinks :)

Bermondsey Arts Club

102a Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 4TP, UK – 020 3302 0610

What a wonderful and utterly unique place! The great thing about the Bermondsey arts club apart from it's incredibly stylish and speakeasy feel is the fact that it stays open until 1 or 2 am each evening. This makes it a rare find in Bermondsey a place where everything else shuts at the boring British time of 2300! The cocktails are incredible - slightly overpriced but well worth it. The only real issue is it is rather quiet most of the time it's not a place to go to party...more a place to go for a chat, a date, or just to chill out, but it's totally memorable!

It's an ok venue, needs more atmosphere and staff. Thought the drinks were a little over priced and needed to have more cocktail selection on the menu.

All Bar One Victoria

58 Victoria St, Westminster, London SW1E 6AJ, UK – 020 7828 9772

In general this is one of the better All-Bar-Ones. At quite times it can be pleasant for a drink. But it suffers from the chains major design flaw - the design is too full of hard surfaces, making acoustics inside a nightmare as the place gets noisier - no chance of conversation. Plus - it is just a chain...

The best bartenders ...very professional... The top of manager..never I seen before... Thank you to TINA...real professional.... And special thank you...to the manager .....ANDREA.....all people from Italy,,,, will know...about this place....congratulation....to ....all. Staff working there... Today I'm a little bit disappointed... About the staff... The professional manager...the over the top Italian barista..I think the name Luca...but the barista/waitress....Violet the name ..I think so...she is unprofessional....rude..never happy... In this business...and I have around 40 years experience.... All the time must be happy.... Anyways this is the best place I can recommended to all friends of mine...for drinks food and relax


Camberwell Chinese Restaurants


18, Brixton Village, Coldharbour Ln, Brixton, London SW9 8PR, UK

Wonderful place. Had the slow cooked beef stew with noodles, pretty good. But Mama’s spicy wings, they were very very good. And I never lie about chicken. Yip eaten very good wings all around the world from Salt Lake City to South Africa. These were some of the best!!!

Delicious prawn and tofu dumplings! I got the order for takeaway and the transport to Lewisham didn’t dilute the flavours at all. Pillowy dough, dumplings chock full of diced prawn and tofu and served with a spicy chili sauce that wasn’t too hot. Friendly waiter and they accept card only. Yay!

Ma La Sichuan

37 Monck St, Westminster, London SW1P 2BL, UK – 020 7222 2218

This was recommended to me by a Cantonese friend of mine and boy do I wish I'd discovered it earlier! It was the best dim sum I ever had, with delicious fresh seafood and ingredients and an authentic flavour. Although it looks and feels fancy, it is extremely reasonably priced with great lunch and combination specials. Their Chinese tea is hot, fresh and delicious. On their lunch menu, go for option C - the Sichuan beef noodle broth which is amazing. I'm advised a and b are to western palates and maybe not as exciting in flavour. The service was considerate, attentive and hugely hospitavle. Do yourself a favour and check this place out, you will definitely be back!

Came here with four friends given the google reviews. It was good, but certainly not amazing - maybe we chose the wrong dishes? The house mixed starters were REALLY good. But the dim sum platter was quite ordinary. Imperial Gongbao prawns were a bit sweet for our tastes, but better than the other mains which tended to feel fatty but lacking in flavour - dry wok pork belly and cabbage, aromatic lamb with cumin (lots of cumin but just didn’t work), double cooked pork (thin slices that looked but sadly didn’t taste like bacon), fragrant chilli chicken. Service was good and the endless tea was great, but sadly food didn’t live up to the google rating.

Van Hing

42 Camberwell Church St, Camberwell, London SE5 8QZ, UK – 020 7703 9707

I have been coming here for 4+ years and it is one of my favourite spots in all of London. It does not have the nicest interior but that is not what the place is going for. It is an excellent place to go with a group of friends or a long time partner. It is relaxed, cheap and the staff are really friendly. A+ I will start of by saying that Van Hing does both Chinese food and Vietnamese food, but as it is a Vietnamese run establishment I have only ever really ordered from the Vietnamese side of the Menu. I would highly recommend doing this because all of the Vietnamese fare is fantastic. The Pho is one of (if not #1) the best I have had in London, and I have eaten it in a large variety of different places both cheap and expensive. The noodles appear to be handmade as they are all shapes and sizes (not identically machine cut). The cuts of meat are not the best you will ever eat but they are good enough and for £6.50 you cannot go wrong. The broth is usually deep and rich tasting and the portions are substantial. I could not recommend Van Hing enough.

Absolutely delicious food! Superb pho at reasonable prices! The other items on the menu are also absolutely delicious! Been here about 5 times now and will be coming back many more times!

Camberwell Vegetarian or Vegan Restaurants

Bonnington Cafe

11 Vauxhall Grove, London SW8 1TD, UK – 07552 475535

Went for an evening meal. Everything on the menu was vegan. We couldn't decide what to have so we ordered one of everything! Really delicious, varied dishes presented in a homely but attractive way. Different flavours in each dish. The staff were very friendly and accommodating and extremely quick! Highly recommended for vegans, vegetarians, and even people who think they don't like vegan/vegetarian food. Looking forward to our next visit!

This quaint neighbourhood café and community hub on a quiet residential street in Vauxhall, has an interesting cooperative evening dining concept, with different cooks on different nights. Our evening was (almost?) wholly vegan; the mains and desserts were a highlight and were so tasty. This BYOB with its fresh and innovative food is exceptionally good value. Highly recommended.

Harar Restaurant

49 S Lambeth Rd, London SW8 1RH, UK – 020 7735 8915

Food is just about perfect. Really some of the best Ethiopian I've had anywhere, including my time spent in DC. Prices are very reasonable and quality is outstanding. Dishes are very flavourful and well prepared. The berbere chicken is incredible. Top notch veg selections as well. You don't have to be vegetarian to appreciate how good they are. Decor and service are just average, but the fantastic food is the real star here.

Last May with my wife we enjoy a dinner at Harar Restaurant. The taste, texture, flavor, color, and presentation of the Ethiopean food were awesome. We also ordered a house wine and it was delicious and exotic. The staff was friendly, the service excellent, the decoration of the restaurant was authentic and attractive,; they gave us many options and fast attention. We highly recommend it and we'll visiting again.

Umana Yana

294 Croxted Rd, Herne Hill, London SE24 9DA, UK – 020 8671 8227

Delicious food. Nutritious and tasty. Good prices too and lovely people!

Inexpensive, fast, and filling. The lady who works there is a delight.

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Pub Food with Reviews, Maps and Links to their websites

The Duke of Edinburgh

204 Ferndale Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8AG, UK – 020 7326 0301

Great pub. I went for my leaving do and their outdoor area is phenomenal. It would be even better if the bar outside was open on weekdays especially at the end of the school term. Teachers need alcohol. Some music would have been good too. Otherwise it was lovely, great atmosphere and super food. The jerk chips were superb. Food sizes are gigantic too!

Inside is fairly dank but there's an amazing beer garden hidden out the back that's definitely worth checking out on a nice summer day. Make sure you get there before 9.30 when it closes (summer time). Okay beer selection, not just lager but a few interesting ales too. Standard London prices, approx £5-£6 a pint.

The Pilgrim

247 Kennington Ln, London SE11 5QU, UK – 020 7582 7585

Came here after touring the Beefeater gin distillery down the street, thanks to the 2 for 1 coupon given to us for The Pilgrim after the tour. Turned out to be a fantastic place! Great beer garden / patio to eat and drink. They pour a good g&t and had great sandwiches (fantastic bread) for a fair price. Really enjoy this spot!

We were super hungry when we came in after a few bottles of wine in central London. I chose the beef burger with blue cheese. The burger itself was very nice but I somehow could not get much of the blue cheese flavour 🤷🏻‍♀️ Overall was very cute in there and it seemed like a small community. Also they have live music on Fridays and Saturdays which is always a bonus for me in a pub.

The Clock House

196A Peckham Rye, London SE22 9QA, UK – 020 8693 2901

Ate a delicious lunch in this comfortably furnished pub/restaurant with my sister for the first time. Was served by a friendly, courteous waiter and will definitely visit again after eating a tasty chicken pie followed by a delicious cheesecake, which was washed down with strawberry infused gin and tonic! My sis enjoyed her creamy fish pie too. A great, cosy place to hire out for events such as Xmas or birthday parties.

I hired "the dining room" for my mums funeral reception. It is so lovely, bright and spacious. There is also outside seating areas with views overlooking the park. We were looked after by Eduardo, Isaac and the rest of the team, they were excellent.They made us feel very welcome and they were so organised and efficient. We had a variety of canapes to start, then meat/fish platters and later on cheesecake to finish. Compliments to the chefs. There was also a variety of tea,coffee and soft drinks. Orders made at the bar were served quickly , as Isaac certainly knew his stuff! A "Big Thank you " to you all for making this day so memorable .

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